All repairs are customized to meet the specific needs and techniques of each player, and to bring out the best qualities of the instrument.

All repads include a mechanical overhaul

All repads include adjusting intonation and voicing

In some shops buffing is a standard part of their overhaul. At Koberís Instrument Repair no buffing is done unless absolutely necessary.(further metal removal is not recommended because it will change the way the instrument plays) All bodies are hand ragged, plated keys are hand polished. Only solid silver keys are polished.

Regular serviced instruments will perform at their best. All repairs completed at KOBERíS Instrument Repair are guaranteed except damage due to neglect and/or abuse.

All estimates are free

All shipping charges are the responsibility of the Client.

All repairs are scheduled by appointment in order to return your instrument back to you as soon as possible.

Emergency repairs are welcome.

Call to discuss the problem, schedule a repair, and arrange for shipping