Mary Louise Poor States:
"Kober's Instrument Repairs does excellent work on flutes. Paul is careful and thorough and I trust him with the finest of instruments"

Scott Metlicka States:
"I can always rely on Kober's Instrument Repair to do precise repairs on both my instrument and the instruments of my students. Paul provides accurate estimates, completes repairs on time, and charges reasonable fees. I am most impressed with his consistency"

Alicia Tate States:
"Paul Kober is one of the best woodwind repair people in the Midwest area. He takes the time to do the job right. Paul treats all instruments no matter what the level as a professional"

Margene Pappas States:
"it is in the doing that true inspiration is realized. Paul Kober does a great job"

Teresa Muir States


My student, Abbie Belford, just phoned me to tell me how immensely pleased
she is with the repairs you just finished on her flute.
This is why we refer our students to you; you ARE the BEST!

Thank you!

I just wanted to say thanks for the great job on the overhaul of my flute!
The key action and response in the low register is better than my expectations.
You come highly recommended by me!
Rod Prunckle