Owned and operated by a professional woodwind musician with over twenty years of experience in the areas of studio, jazz, classical, and popular music. With several years of teaching woodwind students, the needs of both the professional and students are met and exceeded.

A full service business designed to address the needs of the entire range of woodwind instruments.

All types of repairs performed, from student line playing condition to professional instrument overhauls.
Please call or email as prices for work varies depending on the type of instrument and service requested.


Personal Biography:


        Professional musician, specializing in woodwind doubling, for over twenty years.

        Participated in International Jazz Festivals in Canada.

        Studied music theory, ear training, and composition through North Eastern Illinois University.

        Received professional training on alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, and clarinet. From internationally know musicians.

        Studied flute under Mary Louise Poor, Scott Metlicka, Anne Kreft.



Professional training and experience in Instrument Repair:


        Completed thirteen month instrument repair training course, covering all aspects of woodwind and brass instruments, at Badger State Repair, Elkhorn, WI

        Received Straubinger Pad Certification upon completion of training, covering flute pad installation and repairs, with David Straubinger, Indianapolis, IN

        Apprenticed at Brannen Brothers Flutes in Boston.

        Accumulated over fifteen years of instrument repair experience, focusing on woodwinds.

        Attended annual NAPBIRT conventions to remain current on new repair procedures.

        Review professional musician and instrument repair publications to remain current on

New product lines and repair procedures.